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Solar Buddies were actually designed by two amazing mums, Kelli and Laura in Wales, UK. 

They were born out of the need to find an easier way for parents to sunscreen their children. To stop wrestling crocodiles and to make it fun.

They wanted to give independence without the mess, the fight, the fuss and the drama that kids give when the sunscreen bottle appears.

Solar Buddies sunscreen applicators are Designed by Mums, for Kids but loved by ALL!

Here in Australia, things are run by Zara and Jess and we are based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Here we have some of the best of the Australian weather with sunshine almost all year round and temps in the 20+ for most of it too; so we must be very vigilant with our sunscreen application and about teaching our kids its importance too. SLIP SLOP SLAP was a big campaign back in the day and its message still rings very true. So Solar Buddies helps keep this message alive by allowing kids to enjoy the sunscreen experience each and every day. 

​The Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator is unique because of its sponge and roller-ball partnership. It allows for easy coverage with less mess and no waste due to its controlled flow and this thankfully means NO MORE MESSY HANDS!  It has also been designed to make it is easy for any hand to grip with a chunky handle great for kids and adults alike. 

Amazingly it is refillable and holds 100ml. This means you can fill and refill with a sunscreen of YOUR choice. Whilst we cannot call ourselves officially an Eco product, we are conscious that we are able to reduce plastic waste by eliminating the need to buy several small tubes or bottles of sunscreen and our units are recyclable. 

Having your own Solar Buddies means you can buy just one large pump action bottle of sunscreen or even just make your own and refill your solar buddies sunscreen applicator over and over again. 

Furthermore, the Solar Buddies are also a great sun safe teaching tool to allow your children to understand the importance of protecting their skin. However, we always recommend adult supervision when your child is applying their own sunscreen to make sure of complete coverage.

My little people and their friends love using their solar buddies as you can see from the pictures on our socials..

My biggest problem now is who wants to use the pink one and who gets to go first!! :)

Grab yours today. Pink Blue or Green..?? 

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