How do I get sunscreen on my kids?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

For me growing up in the UK, sunscreen was just one of those things that came out when we went on holiday to Spain and France, it wasn’t something we were supposed to consider as part of our daily lives, it certainly wasn’t something as a kid I was to learn about and from what I remember it definitely wasn’t cheap either.

But now 40 years on and I live in Australia, in Queensland, where it is sunny over 300 days of the year with two small children, so now, sunscreen is one of the most important factors in our daily lives and you can buy these giant 1 litre pump action tubs from all the big retailers.

Every morning would be a battle, how do i get sunscreen on my kids? (the 4 yr old who isn’t compliant to anything and the 18 month old who thinks she’s a teenager already with attitude to boot). I would explain that we need to put this on to go and play outside, we couldn’t have TV if we stayed inside and that we must wear sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun. We must put it on every day and that if we didn’t we would end up in hospital. (Ok, I appreciate the last statement was for dramatic effect for the 4yr old but essentially it could happen)

The screaming started as soon as I reached for the pump bottle on the kitchen surface; no, no , no, I don’t need it, I have good skin, I wont look at the sun, I will stay in the shade the whole day etc etc etc … blah blah …. The 18 month old would perform one of those TV advert style tantrums on the floor, kicking and screaming like I was about to take her favourite toy away.. Oh my gosh, what had I done moving our family to a place where we needed to perform this ritual every day!!

Then the Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator came into my life and wow… what a game changer. Both kids fought over who got to open the package (like they do when anything comes in the post, even the bills!) the blue and yellow beacon beamed from inside the packaging.

We (I mean the small terrorist of mine) decided to make this a family event, to read the instructions and to learn how to use the device. We started by taking it in turns to pump the giant container of sunscreen we had into the Solar Buddies vessel. Of course this presented its own set of challenges for my competitive pair but that’s another story. Vessel complete and it was time to screw the head on and see how it applied the sunscreen.

Me first, me first, ME FIRST exclaims the 4yr old while the 18 month old watches in amazement. So I take the Solar Buddies and glide it over the arm of my 4 yr old. I cannot believe how easy this is, I stop and rub my fingers across his arm to see if it is actually working, is it coming out, is his skin protected? It is, there is a thin layer of sunscreen covering the area. So I continue to cover both his arm, his legs, his face and even the back of the neck and ears all while he stands still and watches with absolute delight. I’m in absolute shock!!! Not only did I just cover my entire child in sunscreen, I managed to do it with no mess, no fuss and even better none of it was all over my hands!!!!! Of course by now the 18 month old was stomping her feet and wanted her turn. Again she was very compliant too… this was fantastic, what else could I cover in sunscreen with ease…. The disappointing part of course was that it was 6pm at night and the sun had gone to bed already – whoops, one for the mum fail board there.

The next morning at breakfast the 4 yr old calmly asked, Mum, can I put the sunscreen on with the new thingy before kindy today? As you can only imagine, my jaw dropped and I almost fell off my chair. So after breakfast we got the Solar Buddies out and we talked about applying sunscreen, why it was important and I showed my son how to cover his arms, legs, face etc. He did this with ease, the design is made for kids to grip easily, so he just loved it. He loved the independence of doing it himself like a big boy. Of course I had to go over it to make sure he hadn’t missed any parts, but oh my gosh, this small blue and yellow beacon had saved our lives in more ways than one.

This application process has now become a fun part of our morning ritual and he carries it in his kindy backpack so he can use it again throughout the day (with the help of his kindy teacher of course – who also loves the device and has bought her own).

So for me, the learning curve was actually that my kids just wanted to show their independence, to learn and experience for themselves, to be part of their own sun care strategy. So this to me is a mummy win in every way. If only this approach could work in others areas of our lives like teeth brushing, another tantrum filled daily routine we love so much. So this is how i get sunscreen on my kids.

We (as a family of course, can’t forget the little people) now advocate the brand, we have exclusive distribution rights in Australia, we are all about the Solar Buddies Australia brand and want as many mums to feel the relief that I had that day, and as many kids as possible to learn about sun care and enjoy applying their sunscreen any time of day or night !! :)

Here's how to get yours.

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