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How To..


Fill Your Solar Buddies 

1. Simply unscrew the bottom part with the sponge and roller ball and place this on a surface. This is called the "Head". 

2. Then turn the orange part upside down and put your desired sunscreen in here. This is called the "Hopper". 

3. Whilst keeping the hopper upside down, pick the head up with your other hand and turn upside so tat you can screw it back on to the hopper. 

4. Your unit should now be sealed. So just shake a few times.

5. Glide across the skin. DO NOT press hard. 

** If the sunscreen is not coming out yet it may just need a few more shakes and a little more gliding across the skin. The sunscreen will eventually work its way through the roller ball and onto the sponge where it will be spread across the skin. 

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Use Your Solar Buddies 

1. Fill as per above instructions,

2. Remove cap and place on surface. 

3. Shake unit and glide acorss the skin. 

4. Encourage your child to have a go themselves. You can always go over it again. 

5. DONT FORGET Ears, Back of Neck and Back of Hands as well as the more obvious places, face, arms and legs. 

** Remember sunscreen needs to be re-applied every couple of hours and after getting out of the water. 

** Whilst sunscreen is great to help prevent burning, clothes are also important too.

Slip on a Shirt , Slop on the sunscreen and Slap on a Hat !!


Clean Your Solar Buddies 

1. Turn your Solar Buddies upside down and unscrew the head and place on a surface. 

2. Hopefully the hopper does have too much sunscreen still inside but if it does, just rest it "open side" up in a bowl. 

3. Pick up the head and press the roller ball out. It only comes out the sponge side.

4. Gently wash all parts under luke warm water. DO NOT use soap. You can press gently on the sponge but do not scrub otherwise you will damage the adhesive holding the sponge in place. 

5. Then leave on the window sill to dry completely.

** We do recommend that you have a spare head as sometimes they can take a few hours to dry fully. 


** You can clean the orange hopper anytime and reuse right away as it is fine if slightly damp inside.   


Problems with your Solar Buddies Apart 

1. Sponges do fall off, We do not recommend using glue to re-attach. We use dermatologically tested adhesive. 

2. Sponges do smell if they are not cleaned regularly

3. Sunscreen can go off if left for too long unused. Check use by dates on anything you use. 

4. Sunscreen can leak if the Solar Buddies is left in direct sunlight for excess periods. Here in Qld we have 40 degree days, trust us, we know. 


** If you do experience issues with your Solar Buddies, the best thing to do is see if its one of the above issues . If not just send us an email

Trust me we have seen and heard most things here. 

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There are also lots of questions and answers on our FAQ page 
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