How do I place an order?​

Simpy go to our shop page and choose whether you would like to purchase a single unit or add additional replacement heads. Perhaps you would like more than one or a selection of the different colours. Choose from the Standard Yellow, the Pink or the Blue. Please also consider the Replacement Heads too, as unfortunately the sponge doesn't last forever and will need to be replaced. Replacement heads fit all colours.  

We recommend that you start out with a Starter Pack (One Unit & One Replacement Head) as this allows you to swap out heads once a month while the other is drying from a luke warm rinse. 


Are Solar Buddies just for parents to use on kids? 

No. The Solar Buddies are for all to use !! 

Kids, Adults, Athletes, Tradies, Fishermen, Surfers, Animal enthusiast, Disabled, Those with Sensory Issues and Autism, Cyclists, Doctors, Nurses, Care Workers, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!!! 

How do i use my Solar Buddies?

When you receive your Solar Buddies just turn it upside and unscrew the head unit from the hopper.  Fill only halfway with your sunscreen on choice and screw back together again, then turn the right way up. Give the applicator a few shakes like to were trying to get the last of the ketchup to the top and then pull off the cap and glide across your skin. 

The roller-ball should dispense the sunscreen while the sponge does the job of your hands and rubs across your skin. Use across all sun exposed skin. And remember to always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house and reapply ever couple of hours or after getting out of water. 

(We recommend only half filling so you don't need to waste sunscreen when you go to wash the unit at the end of each month.) 

Do Solar Buddies come ready filled with Sun Screen?

No. The Solar Buddies are an empty vessel that allows you to fill with a sunscreen of your choice.

What sunscreens are best to use in your Solar Buddies Applicator 

We always recommend using sunscreens with a medium to thick consistency as thinner sunscreens like the ones found in spray bottles can leak. It is also advised to use a sunscreen low in alcohol as alcohol can affect the adhesive that holds the sponge in place. We love that we can just but a 1litre pump and fill as necessary. 


Can Solar Buddies be washed? If so, How? 

Yes the Solar Buddies can be washed. We recommend you do this every time the vessel becomes empty in slightly warm water. The heads need to be washed on a more regular basis to stop the head becoming clogged with sunscreen, sand and dirt they then need to be left to air dry. This is why we recommend the replacement head starter pack as it allows time for the one head to fully dry. The Solar Buddies are NOT dishwasher safe.

How long do the Solar Buddies heads last? 

The lifespan of the heads depends on how it is used and cared for. We recommend a wash once a month or when the applicator becomes empty. The washing also stops any odour arising from the sunscreen.  Do not leave your Solar Buddies in direct sunlight. Always try and keep your Solar Buddies in a shaded place. If all directions are followed the heads can last months. However replacement heads are available to buy separately. Click Here 

(We are in the design process of making the replacement heads more Eco Friendly with less plastic waste, So watch this space.)

My Solar Buddies was left out in the sun and when i went to use it again the sponge had fallen off. Why? 

The Solar Buddies cannot withstand direct heat above 30C as it will interfere with the adhesive attached to the sponge.  It is best to leave your Solar Buddies in a bag or in the shade to avoid any issues. 

Returns & Refunds

If you experience a fault and it is within 14 days and you do not wish to receive a replacement you can request a refund. (The products must be returned to us and the customer is liable for postage.)

Please contact hello@solarbuddiesaustralia.com.au or go to our contacts form.