The MESS FREE Sunscreen Applicator 

Fill again and again with YOUR favou
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Refill your SOLAR BUDDIES again and again with YOUR favourite sunscreen

Solar Buddies are award winning, REFILLABLE, recyclable, MESS FREE, easy sunscreen applicator that has a sponge and roller-ball partnership which means no more messy hands as the sponge does all the work. 

Just simply unscrew, fill, close, shake and glide on your skin!

Great for kids but also athletes, surfers, disabled, elderly, tradies, fishermen and everyone in between.

Solar Buddies Australia applicators mean you'll never have to get sunscreen on your hands ever again !!

No More Messy Hands!


  • We absolutely love our Solar Buddies, I especially hated getting sunscreen on my hands as it makes my rings slip off. But the Solar Buddies means i dont have to and thats why i love it. - Jennifer, Melbourne

  • What a revolutionary design and so easy to use. I wonder how ive struggled all these years without it. Excellent - thank you! - Fiona, Melbourne 

  • Surfing is my life, and sunscreen is just an essential part of that. But with the Solar Buddies i don't have to worry about my hands being greasy or it mixing with my board wax. Will defo tell others about it. - Robbo, NSW

  • I got mine after hanging out with a mate and his kids. They were fighting to use it. What a great idea. I now have one of my own and thankfully i dont have to share it with any children. Sorry Jay - Mel, Queensland 

  • So easy to use and great for kids with sensory challenges. Kids can apply to their own face without the fights and tears.. fun to use and I love how it fits in your bag, leak proof! - Chevonne, Sunshine Coast 

  • I love my solar buddy!! It’s so quick and easy to rub onto the kids, and the kids love using it themselves too. It used to be a struggle to get them to put suncream on but now they both want to go first! - Ash, Sunshine Coast 

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To fill your Solar Buddies Australia. First grab the unit in your hand and turn it upside down.

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Squeeze or pump your chosen sunscreen into your Solar Buddies making sure you do not fill past the start of the neck. It holds 100ml so will last you a while i promise. 

Whilst keeping the loaded part upside down, screw the white part back on top. This seals the unit so that when you turn it the right way up nothing should spill out. 

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Then unscrew the top part from the white part. You can take the cap off to do this too if you like as no sunscreen will fall through. 

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You can now use your Solar Buddies Australia.

Please note it make take a little shake and a few rolls in the beginning to get the sunscreen flowing through the rollerball.


Then gently glide across the skin, the sponge will do the work of your hands so No More Messy Hands!

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designed by mums for kids - and your hubby -

Solar Buddies were born out of the need to find an easier way for parents to sunscreen their children. To make it fun and create the want for independence without the fight, the fuss and the drama that kids give when the sunscreen bottle appears.

Solar Buddies Australia have taken the product further, introducing it to Joe public, surfers, tradies, women, men, disabled, elderly, teenagers, anyone i can think of out of the child only market because I want everyone to see what a fantastic idea and product the Solar Buddies are, and how getting sunscreen on your hands can now just be a distant memory. 

This sunscreen applicator is unique because it has been designed specifically as a refillable 100ml applicator that allows you to use a sunscreen of YOUR choice..... READ MORE

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