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replacement head wholesale solar buddies

Repacement Heads  - Wholesale - Sold as single head in wholesale 


Wholesale MOQ is 30 units in total but this can be made up of a mix of colours.

Postage for 30 units currently sits at $30 via AusPost throughout Australia.

Any questions please just email.

Thanks Zara 


The Solar Buddies are the world’s first award winning child-friendly, refillable sunscreen applicators.

Designed by Mums, for Kids!


Why we love Solar Buddies?

Because they are :


Less mess

Less waste

No messy hands

Holds 100ml

Travel sized for your hand luggage

And most importantly Because kids love using them. So no more wrestling crocodiles!


Applicators are sold as an empty vessel. Sunscreen not included. Just fill with your favourite sunscreen, shake and glide.


Solar Buddies work with most sunscreens. However, we advise not to use oily or watery type sunscreens (e.g Sprays) as they can leak.


Solar Buddies are No Mess, No Fuss!


Any questions just email:

Replacement Heads - Wholesale

SKU: 0008
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