Customer Care

Customer Care is very important to us as a small bsuness and we want to make sure that your shopping experience with us is as easy and painless as possible. But if you have any feedback or ideas to improve things we would love to hear from you by email. 

Most importantly we want you to buy from us with confirdence and spread the word about our fabulous Solar Buddies.

Privacy & Safety

We take privacy and safety very seriously especially given recent events and would like to ensure you that your information is safeguarded.

We do not pass your details on to any third parties and we will not fill your inbox with pointless sales emails. 

We do use third-party banking to verify payment, and we have recently made the decision to not use paypal anymore.

We want you to feel comfortable purchasing from us  and happy to return and recommend us to others. 


We love to hear from shops and business that are interested in buying wholesale and promoting Solar Buddies on their platform. 

Send us an email and we will happily send you our our MOQ.pricelist.

Once your business has been verified we will give you access to a Member Page where you can order directly at wholesale prices. 

You can mix and match your colours and order quantities. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on :

Payment Methods

Currently our only payment method is via Square - Credit / Debit Cards

We feel this is the safest and most hassle free way to pay